2017 UTA Convention



Lou Ferrigno


Lou was only 21 when he won his first Mr. Universe title, a Guinness Book record that stands to this day. More incredible, at age 22 he won again- and to this day remains the only person to win consecutive titles!

Lou carried the world of bodybuilding to new heights and himself to superstardom with the film documentary, Pumping Iron, which chronicled the fabled exploits of the youngest and only person to ever become Mr. Universe twice in a row! Exploding onto the film scene, with his place as a body building legend secured, Lou set out to do the same thing in fi lm and television. In less than a year after Pumping Iron, Lou was again larger than life creating a new cult legend as the title character of the hit show The Incredible Hulk. The same hard work that crafted his 6’5″, 285-pound frame into a piece of human art, define him as an actor with the uncanny ability to assume characters of mythic proportions that carry a primal humanity. The discipline and resiliency that have made Lou into a bodybuilding icon were in evidence as he trained to become a serious theatrical actor.

Lou immersed himself in the acting world with the help of his mentors Milton Katselas, Howard Fine and Hulk co-star Bill Bixby. The results were great theatrical notices in Texas, Canada, and Chicago (at Drury Lane Theater), for his starring role in Arsenic and Old Lace, and starring roles in ambitious stage presentations of Requiem for a Heavyweight and Of Mice and Men — shows that toured throughout the U.S. and Canada. Lou’s passionate pursuit of excellence has brought this Brooklyn-born actor more than fame and fortune; it has brought him the joy of fulfilling his life-long dreams.

Remaining true to his host of fans from the bodybuilding world, Lou starred in the sequel to Pumping Iron, and in Stand Tall, a fi lm that documents Lou’s 1994 comeback in the Masters Olympia title and his return to bodybuilding after a 17 year retirement. Lou has starred in over 20 feature films including Cage and Cage II, All’s Fair, Seven Magnificent Gladiators, and Godson. In two unforgettable performances in Hercules and The Adventures of Hercules, Lou fulfilled a life-long dream by playing the legendary Greek hero.

All this led to an amazingly successful personal training business that includes such stars as Mickey Rourke, Michael Jackson, and Chuck Norris, and led him to author the book “Lou Ferrigno’s Guide to Personal Power, Bodybuilding and Fitness for Everyone.” Lou continues his regular study of acting and he works out daily, all with the same passion and vigor that made him a household name and established him as one of the most sought-after entertainers in the business.

Donald Broughton

Friday Morning Economic Speaker


Before becoming an equity analyst 20 years ago, Mr. Broughton spent eight years in various Distribution and Operations management roles in the beverage industry.
As a Transportation Analyst, his stock-picking performance has been repeatedly recognized, and he is a frequent guest on national broadcast media. As a Market Strategist, beginning in mid-2006 Broughton published reports warning of an impending economic slowdown, and by early 2007 published reports explaining why a recession was coming. More recently, in July of 2010 and again in September 2011 he explained why fears of a double dip recession were severely overblown, and outlined why the market would rally by year’s end. A popular entertaining public speaker, he is known for taking complicated economic and transportation industry issues and making them easier to understand.