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As a member of the UTA, you will become part of a large, but close knit, group of professionals who work in all aspects of the used truck industry. You will join and learn from these people through an interactive, mutually beneficial relationship. The UTA provides a forum for personal and professional development through newsletters, meetings, and seminars all aimed at keeping members in touch with the latest news and trends affecting the used truck industry.

Corporate Membership

UTA Corporate Membership

Any business or company involved in used truck sales including: independent truck dealers; franchised truck dealers; truck renting and leasing companies; trucking fleets; commercial vehicle auctions; manufacturers and suppliers of trucks and trailers, truck bodies, truck equipment, accessories, engines and components, and associated products and services; truck insurance businesses; trucking publications; truck financing businesses. This is a voting membership, one vote per corporate member cost is $ 350.00 per year.

Professional Membership

UTA Professional Membership

An individual membership for a satellite location, a salesperson or individual whose company has a currently registered UTA Corporate Member. This membership enjoys all the privileges and benefits of UTA membership except the ability to vote cost is $ 100.00 per year.


By joining now you will enhance your professional net worth, increase your visibility in the market place and do something positive for the used truck industry.

2018 Membership Guide


Do you have any questions regarding UTA membership? Email us at contact@uta.org.

UTA Membership Benefits

Used Truck Industry Communications

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Website — www.uta.org
  • Mailing Lists
  • Professional Membership Directory (for Members Only)
  • Industry Issues & White Papers
    What Is A Low Mileage Truck?
    Trade Terms and Conditions
    Exporting with Confidence
    Succeeding as an Owner/Operator
  • Educational Certificates
  • Creating and Promoting of Industry Standards
  • Promotion of Industry Ethics

Annual UTA Convention

  • Professional Networking
  • Educational and Motivational Seminars
  • Industry Updates
  • Economic Forecasts
  • Achievement and Other Awards
  • Affordable Spouse Program
  • FUN!!

Personal Growth Opportunities

  • New Classes Forming TBA
  • Manufacturer Specific Video Training
  • Leadership Development Opportunities
  • Professional Network Growth
  • Additional Credibility for Businesses in the Used Truck Industry
  • Educational Endowment Fund

Ongoing Discounts

  • Education Programs
  • Industry Events
  • UTA Convention
  • UTA Affiliates Products and Services

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